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Our main goal

SIA Accountancy Solution is an accounting services company

Our main goal and task is to provide clients with professionally performed financial accounting and management accounting services in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and international accounting standards. We would like that company managers and owners to be able to understand the financial situation of their company with our support and cooperation, as a result of which they will be able to successfully make high-quality, timely management decisions and increase the company's profit. We have individual approach and we offer to our clients individual solutions by evaluating the needs of each company.

SIA "Accountancy Solution" is an accounting services company that offers a wide range of services in accounting, financial analysis and development of management interactive reports Power BI. The company employs experienced accountants and specialists who know the legal requirements in the field of accounting and with extensive work experience in the development of management reports and financial analysis. The accumulated experience allows us to provide the highest quality accounting services in various industries in an honest and professional manner.

We take care of our professional growth, therefore we constantly follow the current changes in legislation in order to provide high-quality accounting services, regardless of the size of the company or the specifics of the company's operations.

Accountancy Solution Business intelligence and Accounting services

Why us?

It is important for any company to feel confident that everything is in order with the accounting. We understand your concerns, therefore our company helps small and medium-sized companies, which in most cases it is not profitable to hire their own accountant. By entrusting us with accounting issues, you can be sure that the data and information about the financial situation of your company will be confidential. We offer professional accounting services at reasonable prices but consistently high quality.

High quality performance accounting
High quality performance

We are aware that entrepreneurs entrust us with one of the most important areas - accounting. We want our customers to feel safe and trust us. The client's wishes and needs are primary in our work.

SRS license for accounting outsourcing activity.

The acquired knowledge, certificates and master's degree in accounting and auditing are the basis that has been improved in professional work for more than 20 years, until a level of professionalism is reached, which can be really proud of. We have received a SRS license for accounting outsourcing activity.

Individual approach in accounting outsourcing services
Individual approach

By delving into the customers wishes and needs of each company, we offer the best and most appropriate solutions, saving the customer's time and making the daily life of the entrepreneur easier and more enjoyable.

Sense of responsibility in accounting outsourcing services
Sense of responsibility

We work with a high sense of responsibility and do all the work with the best conscience. Entrepreneurs do not feel the "effect" of accounting outsourcing, because we do all the work on a daily basis, not a few days a month.

Modern technologies in accounting outsourcing
Modern technologies

We offer our clients to use modern technologies that facilitate daily work and provide answers to current questions. The business intelligence tool Power BI visually provides all the most important business information in one desktop panel.

Business development support from accountant
Business development support

We are interested in the development of companies and making a profit, because we want each company to have the opportunity to achieve its goals. We help to develop business analytics so that the goals are achieved as quickly as possible by purposefully managing finances.

Our customers get more!

  • receives Power BI interactive business analytics report completely for free;

  • 2 hours of free advice on how to use "numbers" for the good of the company, to help the company grow and increase profits;

  • 2 hours of free consultations on topical issues;

  • 2 hours of free consultations on the optimization of accounting processes.

Your advantages in joint cooperation:

  • You will save a lot of time and money, as well as get a partner you can trust and whose professionalism you can rely on;

  • We care about our professional growth, therefore we constantly monitor the current changes in legislation in order to provide high-quality accounting services, regardless of the size of the company or the specifics of the activity;

  • Our accounting services are insured;

  • We are located in an easily accessible place for customers, where customers can park for free;

  • Our accounting services are licensed SRS, which provides additional assurance about the quality of the service.

Additional benefits when using our accounting services:

  • accounting services are provided continuously, it is not affected by the change of accountants or holidays;
  • save on technical and workplace equipment;
  • save on office supplies and inventory;
  • save on accounting software;
  • save on accounting training and specialized literature;
  • there will be no social tax on accountants and no annual leave;
  • our accounting services are more cost effective than hiring your own accountant.

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SIA Accountancy Solution - licensed outsourcing accounting company

SIA Accountancy Solution - licensed outsourcing accounting company.

Member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2020

Member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2020

Certificate - International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS (UK)

Certificate in accounting - International Financial Reporting


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